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Summer Pest Control Tips

by Fallbrook Directory May 22, 2022

Summer Pest Control Tips


As the temperature continues to rise, now is the best time to get ahead of pest control and protect your home – inside and out. Hiring a professional is best as they're able to pinpoint what pests are active during different seasons and in different areas of your home and surrounding yard. While you're waiting for a local service provider to arrive, here are six crucial tips to help you avoid pest infestations this summer:


Seal windows and doors.


Keep all pests – from mosquitos to spiders and more – out of your home by properly sealing all windows and doors. Do a walk through and check for gaps, holes, or other openings and make a point to close them (or hire a professional to help!) in order to protect the inside of your home.


Store firewood properly.


As much as we all love a summer evening by the fire, the number one of fan of firewood is a termite! Store firewood a minimum of five feet away from your home – but the further, the better!


Eliminate all areas of standing water.


Keep standing water in flower pots, buckets, and other areas of your yard to a minimum to avoid mosquitos! 


Maintain your yard.


The more kept and tidy your yard is, the less chance pests will have to turn it into their home. From mosquitos to destructive garden insects, a properly maintained yard will decrease the chance of infestation. 


Keep your kitchen clean.


Avoid ants, roaches, and other bugs by staying on top of kitchen cleanup. Wipe down counters, avoid leaving leftovers out for extended periods of time, and sweep the floors regularly to avoid inadvertently leaving a snack for pests to feast on!


Inspect outdoor furniture.


From patio furniture to children's playsets, make sure you regularly inspect all outdoor furniture for spider eggs, spider webs, and more.


Check your pets!


Keep your pets and home safe by giving them a proper inspection for the presence of ticks or fleas, and don't forget to get them on a proper preventive protocol, too! 


Timing is everything, especially when it comes to getting ahead of the pest problems you may face as a homeowner or renter. Prevent infestations – or properly attack current ones – by reaching out to a local professional today. Their experience is invaluable, and will help save you trouble, time, and money down the road. For a list of local pest control providers, click here.


Photo by CDC on Unsplash 

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