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Pool Maintenance Tips

by Fallbrook Directory May 22, 2022

Pool Maintenance Tips


Summer is here and so is pool season. Whether you're hosting parties, splashing around with the kids, or just looking to relax after a long day of work, follow these tips to ensure your pool is running properly. 


Check the water levels and water quality.


The first thing you can to do maintain your pool is check the water level as well as the quality of the water, ensuring that there is a proper balance of chemicals. The right chemicals will keep your pool clear, free of bacteria, and confirm it is healthy and safe to swim in. If the water level is too high, the skimmer may not work properly. Conversely, when the water level is too low, it can damage the pump – either by burning up or drying out. The water level may change from time to time, but always make a habit to check it after a storm or extra pool usage. 


Make a habit of skimming for debris.


To keep your pool in tip-top shape, skim it daily for leaves and other debris. If you're able to, consider also investing in a pool vacuum that will clean the bottom of the pool floor for you as well. If you happen to notice a particularly stubborn spot, you can repurpose an old sock by filling it with chlorine and allowing it to sit on the spot for a few hours before scrubbing it again. 


Check the filter regularly.


Pool professionals will often refer to the filter as your pool's kidneys, meaning that it works to remove impurities such as dirt or leaves. To ensure the filter is working optimally, clean the filter basket approximately twice a week. Set a timer and allow your filter to run for at least six hours to prevent the mechanics from cracking, too.


Use a tennis ball to absorb oils.


This may seem like a strange piece of advice, but trust us! Drop a tennis ball in your pool and leave it for a few hours. The tennis ball will absorb any oils that have made its way into the pool, cleaning your pool in the process.


Consider shocking your pool.


If your pool suddenly looks murky after a holiday weekend of festivities, consider shocking it by drastically raising the chlorine levels for a short period of time to kill the bacteria. Consult a professional to ensure you're using the proper ratio of chemicals, and aim to do this approximately twice per pool season. 


And don't forget the pool deck, too!


The pool may be the focal point of your yard, but the surrounding areas are just as important as the pool itself. Consider power washing – or hiring someone to do it for you – to eliminate any dirt, debris, rust, or weather stains that build up over time. Sweep first, to ensure you don't end up power washing the debris around. Prevent streaks while power washing by overlapping the areas you've cleaned, and repeat a medium-powered spray until you've eliminated all stains on the surface.


No matter how well you maintain your pool, it's important to schedule an annual check-up with a professional to ensure that everything is being properly cared for and to prevent larger problems and crises down the road. For a list of local swimming pool service providers, click here.



Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash

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