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How to Make Your Business Listing Stand Out

by Fallbrook Directory Nov 18, 2020

Though much of the advertising and marketing industries have changed with the rise of social media and the internet, there is still a need for business listings. Promoting your business via listing gives you access to customers you may not reach organically, and also allows you the opportunity to stand out directly in front of your competition. Don't be intimidated by books that group listings by industry; although it's natural to be afraid of whether or not placing yourself in a phone book surrounded by other realtors will pay off, with these tips, it absolutely will. 


3 Tips for Making Your Business Listing Stand Out


1. Prioritize white space.


Business listings are often on the smaller side – think the size of a business card. You're paying for it, so of course you want to maximize the limited space you do have… but don't overdo it! Having a clean, clear listing is the best way to stand out. Factor in whether the listing is in clutter or black and white. it's not uncommon that listings will be printed in black and white to save on costs and lessen the carbon footprint, so it may be best to skip the photo unless you can guarantee it will be easy to decipher in the book. Vary font size to break up the text, and don't be afraid of leaving something out. As long as you include the basics, which we'll get into in the next tip, you're absolutely putting your best foot forward and making incredible strides to connect with new customers and clients. 


2. Keep it simple. 


That being said, stick to the basics. Technology – namely your website and social media – do give you the advantage of a second impression when it comes to listings and promoting your business. More often than not, potential customers will see your listing and do one of two things if they're interested: contact you immediately, or visit your website for more information. Therefore, it's in your best interest to keep your listing simple and answer their questions as directly as you can. Who are you? They may know what you do from where your listing is located, but what exactly do you specialize in? What makes you special – are you a low-cost leader, or do you offer exceptional 24/7 customer service? Why are you the best? Use a phrase or two to convey your best impression; don't pack the entire listing with stars and reviews and accolades – it will come across as cluttered and pushy, not confident and practical.


3. Add a little bit of personality. 


When it comes to creating a listing for your business, a common perspective we see is that businesses want to appeal to everyone, so they run the risk of being too generic, and thus, not leaving a mark. Recognize that your job is not to appeal to each and every person who looks at the listing; it's to connect with your ideal customers. If you're known for adding humor to what you do, add it in your listing. It will resonate with the people who matter – those who are going to pick up the phone and call to do business with you! The best way to stand out in your listing is by being yourself, and communicating your business not only clearly, but accurately. Your personality and the tone of your brand (and the unique customer service your provide) is a major part of that, so don't dim your shine.


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Photo by XPS on Unsplash

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